2015 Cherry Blossoms Promotion

Early Bird Promo for 2015 Cherry Blossoms Wedding Photography

Don’t worry if you cannot catch up with the Spring season in Seoul. You can take dreamy and romantic pictures with cherry blossoms settings at some of the Korean wedding studios.

Enjoy early bird discount if you sign-up our Korean Wedding Photography package choosing studios with sakura scenes in 2015. 

You can top-up our Outdoor shooting to capture the precious moments for your pre-wedding shoot in paparazzi-style while enjoying the arrival of Spring with sakura blooming in Seoul in Spring 2015. 

For more details, email us at sgwedding@eun-gi.com.


39 responses to “2015 Cherry Blossoms Promotion

  1. I am preparing for my pre wedding on 2015,i want to know any early bird promotion and how much the price? I prefer not to taking photos while the weather is still cold,hope you can give me some suggestions,thank you

  2. I would like to check out the package for cherry blossom wedding photography. What is the price and descriptions? Thanks.

  3. Hi, I would like to find out more on the price and package contents that are available under your bridal boutique.

  4. Hi, I planned to have honeymoon in Seoul at January 2015, and I am wondering if I can fit in the cherry blossom section? If not is there other package I can get? Can you send me the price list of your package?

  5. Hi I’m preparing for my pre-wedding photos maybe in April 2015. may I get some details on this particular package and also details on a standard package? Also, how the whole thing works would be perfect! 😉 price included. Thanks!

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